Digital Technologies

The beating heart of most electronic products these days is digital: based around a programmable computer chip that processes information and also co-ordinates data storage and wired or wireless communications. Every project we implement – except the really small stuff – includes at least one processor and often even two or more. TDI’s holistic approach to professional engineering services means that we design not only the digital hardware, we’re also experts at code development for embedded processors (more…)


Security matters to everyone, especially electronic security. We often take for granted the ability to conduct our lives without hindrance or harm. But the world is constantly under threat from those seeking to wreak damage and destruction, disrupt the technological infrastructures on which much of our modern lives depend, or steal our assets or identities. (more…)


In an increasingly busy, fast-paced and complex world, ensuring and maintaining our safety is of ever more critical importance. Whether providing personal or group protection at home or during leisure activities, or safeguarding conditions in commercial or industrial workspaces, environmental monitoring and automatic alarm systems help keep us safe from harm and injury in our everyday lives. (more…)

Environment and Water

Novel methods to acquire and purify water supplies in addition to enhancing environmental well-being are being developed around the globe – electronic monitoring systems are required to maintain quality. (more…)

Life Sciences

Life Sciences cover those areas of scientific endeavour that study living organisms in their many forms: micro-organisms, plants, animals and human beings. Based around the core subject of biology, life sciences also embrace specialist fields of botany (plants) and zoology (animals). They can be further sub-divided into subject areas that cover particular life forms, such as marine biology (ranging from microscopic plankton to huge marine mammals) and ornithology (birds). (more…)

Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 describes the impending fourth industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution was borne out of the opportunities created by harnessing water and steam power. (more…)

Smart Home

The Smart Home – interconnected intelligence and co-ordinated solutions; electronic products find myriad applications within the home – benefitting people’s lives by improving comfort, convenience, safety and security. (more…)

Smart Health

Nowhere are the benefits of electronic sensor and wearable technology developments felt more directly and beneficially for human welfare as in the burgeoning fields of smart healthcare and wellbeing. (more…)

Smart Transport

Smart transport systems can bring about many positive benefits at both societal and individual levels. As an integral part of Smart City initiatives they can enhance mobility by reducing congestion and improve air quality by cutting emissions. They also deliver a better user experience for both public and private transport users by making possible faster, safer and more relaxing journeys. (more…)

Smart Energy

The energy industry continues to acquire ever-sharper global focus. Traditional industries of oil, gas and mining are being supplemented by renewable energy generation methods including wind, solar, biomass and wave. (more…)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a world in which networked appliances and machines connect together and interact independently across the internet, creating new forms of electronic ecosystem that typically interface with humans through cloud-based applications. (more…)


Wearables are one of the latest trends to attract great technology marketplace attention. This area is creating a boom for app developers who are busy working to address a whole spectrum of practical applications. These most notably focus on health, fitness and wellbeing, but are also now encompassing other practical applications with elements of communication, entertainment and safety. (more…)


Wireless technologies free us from a clutter of cables within our homes and offices and provide the freedom to communicate wherever and whenever we want. From the early days of radio broadcasting to our insatiable demand for ever faster digital content delivery on mobile devices, the pace of change in wireless developments has been dramatic and relentless. (more…)

Analogue and Mixed Signal Technologies

“Digital” has been a key theme in business over recent years and shows no signs of losing its superstar appeal. Enthusiastic new tech start-ups continue to drive the thriving Digital Sector and Digital Economy ever forward and expand the Digital Media marketplace ever wider. At TDI, our engineers have been developing digital technologies – especially in audio and video applications – for many years. The conversion of sound and images into digital code and the resultant ability to store, process and distribute programme content in ever more sophisticated and creative ways has led to an explosion in media formats, from a hugely expanded range of channels available in traditional broadcast radio and TV formats to completely new streaming and social-media based information and entertainment services. (more…)

Funding Innovative Product Development

Potential clients sometimes ask if we would be interested in taking a stake in a new venture and in providing our design services for free or at a reduced rate. Whilst we may be tempted to consider such an approach if we stumble across the next global killer gadget, that hasn’t happened quite yet! We therefore encourage would-be start-ups and entrepreneurs to check out the wide range of external funding opportunities that are available. (more…)