Novel methods to acquire and purify water supplies in addition to enhancing environmental well-being are being developed around the globe – electronic monitoring systems are required to maintain quality.

Ready access to safe and unpolluted supplies is an often overlooked yet integral aspect of life in the developed world and a prime goal to accomplish in developing countries. Electronic systems can provide accurate quality monitoring and control purification methods that serve to eliminate harmful bacteria. Sophisticated processes and techniques are also being applied to support the effective treatment of waste water and effluent.

Other environmental initiatives include the safe and sustainable disposal of animal, plant and food waste materials (biomass) using anaerobic digestion (AD). Here, electronic monitoring systems use precision gas sensors to ensure safe running. When operated on a larger scale, AD can provide further environmental benefits by using biogas as a dependable source of renewable energy. Much international research effort is being directed to the further development of bioenergy technologies with the goal of expanded commercial application as an important means to combat climate change and increase security of energy supplies.

TDI has broad experience integrating novel sensor technologies with low-power, compact processing platforms and we are happy to discuss our approach to developing custom products that can meet the unique needs of specialist applications.