In an increasingly busy, fast-paced and complex world, ensuring and maintaining our safety is of ever more critical importance. Whether providing personal or group protection at home or during leisure activities, or safeguarding conditions in commercial or industrial workspaces, environmental monitoring and automatic alarm systems help keep us safe from harm and injury in our everyday lives.

By harnessing the sensitivity and precision of novel sensor technologies, the latest electronic monitoring equipment provides discreet, extensive and reliable supervision – no matter where we work or play and no matter what the threat or danger. A new generation of miniature, low-power electronic sensors enables sophisticated monitoring and detection for a diverse range of environmental hazards and conditions including multiple gases (oxygen concentration, explosive gases, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases), smoke and fire, and radioactive contamination.

Personal protection can be enhanced even further by combining sensitive hazard detection measures with improved user communications. At a personal level, this could take the form of an information display that provides safety status data without causing distraction from the real scene. At a team level, environmental monitoring information from every individual can be transmitted wirelessly to a central command and control unit, providing a more effective and better co-ordinated action response whilst also allowing for safer deployment of emergency crews.

TDI is actively working in these areas of technology and we are always happy to talk to new clients about how our innovative ideas can deliver exceptional commercial benefits.