The energy industry continues to acquire ever-sharper global focus. Traditional industries of oil, gas and mining are being supplemented by renewable energy generation methods including wind, solar, biomass and wave.

In all its aspects, the energy industry impacts on most peoples’ lives and spans a diverse range of enterprises from multi-nationals to tiny start-ups and embracing energy generation, distribution and consumption. In all these areas, a quest for better efficiency is vital to achieving the most cost-effective and environmentally ethical results. Electronics has long played an important part in energy generation, ensuring efficient and safe control of power station systems whatever the fuel source (coal, gas, nuclear, biomass or hydro). Important new applications are appearing in Smart Grid developments where energy production and consumption is more closely matched and controlled in order to reduce usage, avoid wastage and preserve limited fuel reserves. In both home and industry, widespread introduction of Smart Metering technology aims to help consumers save money whilst also minimising global climate impact through reduced CO2 emissions and extended reserves.

TDI team members have first-hand experience of developing products for smart metering applications, including in-home display hardware and ZigBee Smart Energy profile software.