Utilising the extensive experience of the senior team we have developed a set of comprehensive development processes and procedures which, through constant review and extension, allow us to operate in the most effective way. This is a flexible approach based on getting to know our clients’ individual requirements.

We make creative use of IT and development tools, whether it is creating our own software application where no suitable commercial product exists, or adapting available but disparate tools so that they work together in a seamless way. We assess available products and, after careful evaluation, select what we believe to be “best of breed” to build into a unique ecosystem that supports our work flows.

Thorough assessment also takes place when selecting core tools to handle hardware and software development tasks. Our hardware development tool chain is based either on Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise, which includes xDx Designer for schematic capture and Xpedition xPCB for PCB layout, or Altium Designer. For FPGA, we use vendors own development tools such as Altera’s Quartus Prime. Our software development methodology is built upon a foundation of well-established, open-source tools and methodologies that we have formed into a customised framework to optimally support our own special needs.