In the physical realisation of an electronic product, the skill of effective circuit board design is often under-estimated. At TDI, our in-house team are fully conversant with best practice design and manufacturing techniques resulting in solutions that reduce pcb design iterations and help our clients achieve earlier market adoption.

We employ both Altium Designer and Mentor Graphics Xpedition and have the capability to use schematic netlists from many other EDA systems. Our full PCB Design Service comprises:

  • Part Library and Component creation.
  • Schematic Entry.
  • Constraint Entry – Board Profile, Layer stackup, impedance control, fabrication parameters.
  • Circuit Board Layout – Place and Route.
  • Documentation generation – post-processing for ODB++ and Gerber data, BOM generation, 3D output for product modelling.
  • Prototype manufacturing liaison, both fabrication and assembly.

Spanning 30 years, we have fundamental knowledge and first-hand experience of circuit board fabrication and production engineering across a broad range of technologies. Areas of expertise include intrinsically safe design for explosive atmospheres – portable gas detectors, power electronics – AC/DC motor controllers for automotive applications, high-speed design – 5G /LTE test platforms, analogue – audio and video processing, RF communications – sub-GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc.

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